How does it work?

The Facecrime App is a very unique system that has an easy to use interface, that sends instant Alerts to other users within a 5km radius. The very powerful system uses geolocation and Google Maps to pin point your location (Alert receiver) and the Alert senders position location.


  1. Download and Install the Facecrime application on your mobile device (you will need to turn on (enable) your Geolocation on your device.

fciconx1442. To send an Alert, open the Facecrime app like any other app by pressing the green facecrime icon.

fc-firstb3. Chose your emergency Alert, and press the button to activate.

fc-home14. You will get a confirmation message to either cancel, or to generate the Alert (please note: do not send false alerts!, this will get you banned and may lead to legal action)


5. Your Alert message will be received by all other users who are in your immediate area, within a 5km radius. Their phone will beep with a facecrime notification

fc-alert36. The receiver of the Alert can view your Alert on the alert page, including the last 20 activated alerts history. The Alert indicates

a) the type of Alert,

b) The distance of the alert from you – note: although the distance is measured within a 5km radius, the distance will be measured by the actual road distance, ie., the quickest route by road between your location and the alert location.

c) Time: you will be able to see the time of when the alert was sent in seconds, minutes, hours and days.

fc-alertpage7. When you press on the Alert area, a Google Map will open up to display your position (green) and the Alert position (red)

fc-maplocxEasy, Simple, and POWERFUL!